LEGS – Ladies Empowered by God’s Strength

LEGS is a women’s ministry that began as a desire to see women of all ages grow in the strength of God through sharing our life experiences with each other.  Our goal is to learn to walk in that strength through faith, then reach out to guide and teach other women to do the same thing.  Titus 2:3-4


We hold services on Monday nights at 6:30pm at The Way Church on a quarterly basis.  The services consist of live worship, a guest speaker, door prizes and giveaway items.  We believe that women, having fun, putting aside the weight and stresses of this world, coming together to learn, make connections with other women who love Jesus, set an atmosphere of community which helps facilitate God’s strength in our lives.


We believe that Christian women connecting to other Christian women in the church, strengthens the bond of friendship in the Body of Christ and ultimately glorifys our Heavenly Father.  We learn from each other’s experiences and as we grow together, we become the beautiful women of God that He created us to be, improving all of our relationships not only in the church, but also in our homes, jobs and community.

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