Meet the Pastors

Pastors Daniel and Kendra Spiers

Kendra and DanielPastor Daniel started out as a youth minister in The Way Church over 5 years ago and now has become the senior pastor. He has a background of overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction through the power of Jesus Christ, and since then has been a force in ministry for Jesus. He  studied under Pastor Henry Pulsifer and his ministry BASIC Ministries (Brothers and Sister in Christ). He is a powerful and anointed man of God who loves the Lord with all his heart and follows after Him in all His ways. He relies on the power of Jesus for all of his ministry work. His wife Kendra has been the head of many ministries in the church and is now  the Worship Pastor as well as the Women’s pastor at The Way Church. She is very anointed in worship. They are very excited to be apart of ministry with us and to see us all grow in the Lord together. Advancing The Kingdom together!