Our media ministry is a vital part of the culture we want to portray in being relevant to the current generation.  Our effort is to be reach the heart’s of people on the coast through our technology efforts inside and outside the church doors.  We also record our sermons and teachings on service days.  People who can’t make it to church can go to our website and listen.

Media is ran every Wednesday night, Friday night, Sunday morning, and for special occasions or events.  The media staff is in charge of running the computer which plays lyrics, pictures, and Bible verses.  The staff also counts to see how many hearts God’s Word is touching in each service.

Volunteers need to be at the church 15 minutes before service.

At least 10 volunteers are required to run the media for a full month.

The benefits of being a volunteer for the media is to see the change in people through what we do in our part through God’s Spirit in the service.