Light Bearers Discipleship / Internship

We have no desire to raise up a generation of great coffee makers; although we do need good coffee. We want to see the church transforming through God’s grace and our minds renewed through His word.

There are 3 areas we plan to grow our interns.

1. In the knowledge of the word of God!

2. Growing you spiritually and your dependency on the Holy Spirit!

3. Finding your calling and seeing you grow in your calling!

Through the course of your internship you will serve alongside the ministries at The Way Church. You will receive hands on experience in our ministries, outreaches and events. You will also receive teaching from our leaders and Pastors as well as other Pastors and leaders from the Kingdom!

You will be given study material and asked to write papers on the scriptures so you can study and be able to teach what you study. You are also expected to participate in services and bible studies. You will be asked to serve in some ministries and asked to help with outreaches and events we have. You also may be used to teach small groups, bible devotions or even Wednesday night services as your gift makes room for you and you grow in your calling. We will be meeting once a month as a whole to discuss what we studied together and making sure you are growing.  You will also be asked to schedule an appointment with a Pastor periodically to continue in your personal and spiritual growth and development.

Our goal is for you to become fully devoted, humble, leaders in Jesus’ image.