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“Wow, you are different than you used to be.”, “What do you mean you don’t do that anymore?” Have you ever had someone ask you this type of question? I have and honestly it can be a little uncomfortable. Mostly because the people who tend to ask these questions are on the other side of salvation and do not understand what a relationship with Jesus will do. Let me explain what happens….


Thoughts start running through my head, I begin replaying my life like a movie trailer, comparing the past to the present. My natural reaction was always “What do you mean I’m different now? I’m still Kendra!” But then I would slow down and really think about the question. I am changing and this should be something exciting and encouraging!


Most of the time I feel more like myself then ever, I say most of the time because even though I have given my life to Jesus, the bible also says that I have been reborn; I am now a spirit man and a flesh man. Talk about tug-o-war of the century! So in other words we are to die to the flesh and in turn our spirit man comes to life.


Let’s look at how this relates to change. I believe there are two different kinds of change. There are the obvious outward changes like how we speak, dress, and act. Then there is the inward change including our mind and our heart. I think both changes are very important but the inward change is the change that we need to strive for and focus on. In ways your inward self is your spirit man and your outward self is your flesh man. Once we start changing our inward self, the outward self will reflect the change. Meaning that as you change the way you think about things and what is important to you, your flesh man will begin to show those changes. That should be our ultimate goal as Christians; to walk by the spirit and not by flesh. This is a daily process and it is a big change!


So, what is it that causes us to change? My simple answer would have to be love and acceptance; my love for Jesus and his acceptance of me. When we accept the love of Jesus and give our lives to Him; it is then that we can begin to love ourselves. And the more we understand the acceptance of Jesus, the more we love ourselves as ourselves and not who the world says we are or who we tell ourselves we’re supposed to be. I don’t want to settle for who the world says I am. I want to be changed into who I was meant to be from the very beginning, the person God created me to be!


This is a very exciting journey and if you haven’t already begun then now is the time! It’s time to strengthen our spirit man and study the character of Jesus. Jesus set the standard on how we should live so the more you know Jesus the more you know what model you are to look to. Jesus should be your focus so that He can shine His reflection through you. What a big change from who you used to be, right?! A revelation of Jesus’ love for you coupled with obedience to the word of God, results in a desire to do what is pleasing to God and only God. It is our love for Jesus that transforms us and strengthens us.


So yeah, I may be different than I was before, but I am more like myself than I’ve ever been. The word of God says in Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”. ask yourself these questions “Have I accepted the love of Jesus and who He says I am?” “Am I more like Jesus today than yesterday?”; “Is my spirit stronger than my flesh?” My challenge for you is to find out what changes need to be made in your life. Ask God to change your heart and your mind to be more like Jesus. Next thing you know people will be asking you why you are so different, and don’t look at it as an uncomfortable situation; look at it as an opportunity to tell someone about the wonderful working power of Jesus Christ our Lord!


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